THE 100 3d Printer


If you found this page then you probably already know what THE 100 project is, but just in case you don’t: it’s a 3d printable 3d printer designed by Matt.

Matt himself has created a great assembly guide on YouTube but those videos don’t go in to detail about how to actually print the parts. I struggled with knowing how many of each part to print and which parts I actually needed. As I’ve spent more time in THE 100 discord, I’ve seen these same questions come up often.

What is this guide for?

This guide is meant to answer questions about THE 100 like:

  • How many of each part do I need?
  • How many screws do I need of each size? How many heat inserts? And how many nuts?
  • How much filament does each piece need?
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How do I build it?
  • How to I configure it?
  • And a lot more

Now you may be wondering: why should I even print one of these?