Before you start printing

The official BOM is available here, and I have a detailed list here. I suggest reviewing them and confirming you can get everything you need prior to starting to print the parts.

The files for v1.1 have only been made available in beta to Matt’s Patreon supporters so I can’t provide links to the downloads. I will get links added once it is made available to the public.


Version 1.1 is a major work-in-progress. There are going to be broken images, broken links, and missing info while I work on it. But I’m publishing my progress as I go so it can still be of some use. The current revision of this guide is based on THE 100 v1.1-beta1. That means my counts for screws and heat inserts may be slightly off once v1.1-final is released. It should be very close though.

I will be updating this guide to reference v1.1-final once it is released.

This guide includes details such as how much filament is used to print a part. Note that these numbers are always for a quantity of 1. If a particular part requires 4 then you need to multiply the filament length/weight by 4. The same is true for assembly hardware counts.

ℹ️ Weights are for PLA based on a density of 1.24 g/cm3.

Using a standard stock Ender 3 style printer at typical speeds and based on the print settings below, you should expect the whole printer to take about 173 hours to print. It can absolutely be much less than that if you’re using a faster or upgraded printer, but the typical maker should expect around that number.

ℹ️ The estimated print times displayed in the print guide are based on a stock Ender 3 using default settings.

The recommended print settings are:

  • 0.4 or 0.6 nozzle (0.6 will be slightly faster, but you can use either)
  • 0.25 Layer height
  • 0.5 Line width
  • 3 Top layers
  • 3 Bottom layers
  • 3 Walls
  • Grid Infill Pattern
  • 25% Infill
    • Use 30% infill for the print bed to move the center of gravity to where it’s needed

Assembly hardware

Each section includes details on the parts you need to purchase for assembly. I decided the easiest way to assign where to list a screw or a heat insert is:

  • Heat inserts are assigned to the object where they actually get put in to
  • Screws are assigned to the object where you see the screw head

As mentioned above under print details, the quantity of heat inserts and screws at a per-part level is based on a quantity of 1. If you need 4 of a particular part, multiply the heat insert/screw count by 4.

Additional info and support

This project wouldn’t exist without Matt so I wanted to provide a list of links back to him and his resources:

  • GitHub
  • Discord
    • You can find me on here as TheForgetfulDev. Please reach out if you notice any issues with this guide or if you have any questions about the build.
  • Patreon
  • YouTube
  • hackaday

Ready to get the process started? Check out the BOM to see what parts you can’t print.