Why print THE 100?

For me, 3d printing is purely a hobby. 50% of the fun for me is tweaking it. I could go out right now and buy a Bambu and get some incredible prints, but the lack of playing and tweaking isn’t what I’m looking for. THE 100 is kind of the opposite of that: you have to build it yourself and you are solely responsible for making it work. And the reward when you do that successfully is you end up with the world’s fastest 3d printer based on a printed frame.

There are a lot of reasons to make this project, regardless of if you’re newer to 3d printing or you’re an advanced user:

  • You’re interested in building a CoreXY-style printing but don’t have $1000+ to spend on building a Voron or RatRig.
  • The idea of 3d printing a 3d printer just sounds fun to you. Even better that the entire thing is open source and can be built for ~$350.
  • Learn how to 3d print. Plain and simple. There are so many different parts that have different requirements to print, it’s like jumping in to the deep end to learn how to swim. But don’t let that scare you. Despite the complexity of the project, it’s honestly very easy to do.
  • Tweak and tune your current printer to get the best out of it.
  • Figure out exactly what your printer is capable of. How good of a print can it make? When do you need to use supports?
  • Learn how to use a slicer beyond the defaults. Modify your profiles and determine the best setup for your printer.

Sound good to you? Let’s move on then! Here are things you should know before you print.